Countryside Engagements

Portrait Session in Scotland {Carla + Javier}

Carla, Javi and me prepared with great enthusiasm his portrait session in Scotland. On the one hand, they wanted to show what is now their place of residence and, on the other hand, I had long wanted to know the Highlands, the castles and the impressive Scottish lochs. However, sometimes the plans do not go as […]


Trash the Dress Session in the Desert {Elia & Miguel}

When you least expect it you may find a treasure, whether in the form of a dusk, an interesting conversation or a surprising landscape. All it takes to be a little attentive and enjoy those small gifts. I discovered Bardenas Reales almost by chance, returning home from a wedding in Pamplona. When I saw it’s […]


Prewedding in Ireland {Lorena & Aidan}

I remember the day I met Lorena y Aidan: we were on the street and could not find where to take shelter from a rainstorm. I should have known that getting wet to the bone would be usual with this couple. The meeting was like a mutual love at first sight, and few minutes later we were […]


Prewedding in Caceres {Fátima + Víctor}

Sometimes the couples don’t know where to shoot their engagement session, or they don’t have any preferences about it. It wasn’t the case of Fátima & Víctor: from the begining they wanted their prewedding in Cáceres. I remembered it’s wonderful historyc centre, where walking by it’s stoned streets was like making a trip to the […]


Prewedding in Talavera {Cristina & Miguel}

Although I always have a great time in each photo session, Cristina & Miguel’s prewedding in Talavera was especially fun: colourful sun glasses, hats, the will to be photographed and a lot of love. With these ingredients, we just had to enjoy a pleasant summer evening.


Prewedding in Munich {Paula & Alejandro}

“[…]Then you try to remember where it all started and you discover that it started earlier than you thought … Long before … and that’s just at that moment when you realize that things happen only once, and that no matter how hard you try, you’ll never feel the same ” Federico Moccia – Three […]