Urban Engagements

Jewish Couple Photo Session in Barcelona {Kenny & Shoshi}

Kenny was ready to ask Shoshi to marry him. But he did not want to just ask the magic question by following the three basic steps of a proposal: to buy a ring, to kneel before the bride, to ask the question “would you marry me?” And wait for the desired “yes”. Finding the most […]

sunset photo session asian couple in NYC

Anniversary Photo Session in New York {Arnaud & Lepus}

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of There’s nothing you can’t do Now you’re in New York These streets will make you feel brand new Big lights will inspire you Hear it for New York One year ago I met Lepus and Arnaud for their pre-wedding session in Seville. A few days later I […]

engagement in Paris France

Romantic Engagement Session in Paris {Lorena & Alexis}

“L’amour est vie”… We were told the walls of Paris. Not without a reason it has always been called The City of Love. For that reason, because love is life and because there is where Lorena and Alexis live, we decided that Paris was the perfect destination to photograph their engagement session. It was a great ideas because Alexis is a […]


Pre-wedding in Seville {Arnaud & Lepus}

Seville has become one of the top destinations for pre-wedding and trash the dress sessions for couples from around the world, as well as for marriage proposals and honeymoon trips. We shot this pre-wedding in Seville on the eve of Holy Week, so we decided to start very early in the morning to avoid having the […]


Romantic Marriage Proposal in Seville – Spain {Jignesh & Natasha}

Jignesh contacted me a few weeks ago to ask me if I would photograph a very special moment: his marriage proposal in Seville. I felt like half a paparazzi, half a FBI agent  y agente del FBI tracking a “target” for photographing a unique moment between two people I haven’t met before. I just had an estimated time and […]


Pre-wedding in Rome {Amanda & Ángel}

They say that if you want your dream to come true, you must first write it down. Two years ago I desired to shoot a pre-wedding in Rome, inspired by the classic movie “Roman Holiday”… at that time I had a charming couple and a wonderful Vespa to play with, everything but Rome. Finally, the […]


Engagement Session in Seville {Heidi & Vincent}

One of the things that I like to be a wedding photographer is the posibility to meet all kinds of people. Different cultures, different habits but a common denominator: love. Heidi loves flamenco and every time they travel to Spain their destination is the south, so they decided to make their engagement session in Seville. It was […]


Prewedding in Altea {Mercedes & José Manuel}

– “Could you shoot our prewedding in Altea?” – asked me Mercedes and José Manuel. – “Yes, of course!” – I said while reminding how much I like its streets with white facades and the Mediterranean light at sunset. So we packed up and there we went. We made our place among the tourists who wandered like zombies and enjoyed […]


Passion in the kitchen {Gema & Daniel}

Thank You for the market and its floor of freshwater cooking to the sun, the table and the knife, the skillet dented, the washed rice (at least seven times); the wine in their glasses, so transparent. Thanks for the fan and its flickering rattle in the gloom. For the silver cutlery and the cloth napkins, the light from […]


Prewedding in Ireland {Lorena & Aidan}

I remember the day I met Lorena y Aidan: we were on the street and could not find where to take shelter from a rainstorm. I should have known that getting wet to the bone would be usual with this couple. The meeting was like a mutual love at first sight, and few minutes later we were […]


Prewedding in Madrid {Marta + José Carlos}

The 95% of the couples that hire me as their wedding photographer say things like “I think I don’t look good on photos”, “I don’t really like being in front of the camera”… so prewedding sessions are good to make them feel that they should not be afraid and that they look awesome on pictures. Talking about the […]


Prewedding in Paris {María & Romain}

I still remember one of the first posts in this blog saying that I love the City of Light and wanted to do someday one prewedding in Paris (or better yet, a wedding). That day has come and I can not be happier for the experience it has been spending a weekend fulfilling one of my […]


Prewedding in Caceres {Fátima + Víctor}

Sometimes the couples don’t know where to shoot their engagement session, or they don’t have any preferences about it. It wasn’t the case of Fátima & Víctor: from the begining they wanted their prewedding in Cáceres. I remembered it’s wonderful historyc centre, where walking by it’s stoned streets was like making a trip to the […]


Prewedding in Talavera {Cristina & Miguel}

Although I always have a great time in each photo session, Cristina & Miguel’s prewedding in Talavera was especially fun: colourful sun glasses, hats, the will to be photographed and a lot of love. With these ingredients, we just had to enjoy a pleasant summer evening.


Prewedding in Madrid {Shabrina & Lucky}

This prewedding in Madrid has been one of the most unique and different from all I’ve done to date. Shabrina and Lucky contacted me a few weeks ago from Indonesia, his native country, to hire a couple session during their stay in Madrid. We had a conversation before the session and I was told they were […]


Prewedding in Munich {Paula & Alejandro}

“[…]Then you try to remember where it all started and you discover that it started earlier than you thought … Long before … and that’s just at that moment when you realize that things happen only once, and that no matter how hard you try, you’ll never feel the same ” Federico Moccia – Three […]


Prewedding on Vespa: Laura & Toni in Aranjuez.

The origin of this photo session was the result of a set of happy coincidences: for some time I wanted to make a prewedding with a Vespa, somehow inspired by the delightful “Roman Holiday” film. It turned out that both Laura (for her work) and Toni (as a cool rider) are closely linked to the world of motor. So when […]


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