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From Brazil with Love {Daniela & Jesús}

The beautiful wedding of Daniela and Jesus took place in Rio de Janeiro, however, the grandparents of Jesus were not able to travel to Brazil to accompany them. As the saying goes “if the mountain does not go to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain” the bride and groom decided to make a trip to […]


Wedding in Finca Prados Moros {Maria & Angel}

The wedding of Maria and Angel was one of those in which it is impossible not to have fun. At the door of their house we found a whole declaration of intentions: “forbidden to enter in a bad mood”, so we decided to enjoy every moment of the day. The ceremony took place in a beautiful […]


Themed Medieval Wedding {Alicia + Sebas}

  “The greatest thing that can happen to you is to love and be loved in return. For me, you are my Silmaril, the most precious star that illuminates me in the dark places, when the other lights go out. If with my life, or with my death I can protect you, I will… You can […]


Civil Wedding at Golf Club La Dehesa {Elena & Miguel}

Elena & Miguel make true the saying “third time lucky”. They went twice to parties arranged by mutual friends, but they didn’t connect with each other until the third time. After that, everything ran smooth: they joined together thanks to the music, the cinema and the travels. Elena seems to be always smiling. She is a […]


Passion in the kitchen {Gema & Daniel}

Thank You for the market and its floor of freshwater cooking to the sun, the table and the knife, the skillet dented, the washed rice (at least seven times); the wine in their glasses, so transparent. Thanks for the fan and its flickering rattle in the gloom. For the silver cutlery and the cloth napkins, the light from […]


Prewedding in Madrid {Marta + José Carlos}

The 95% of the couples that hire me as their wedding photographer say things like “I think I don’t look good on photos”, “I don’t really like being in front of the camera”… so prewedding sessions are good to make them feel that they should not be afraid and that they look awesome on pictures. Talking about the […]


Wedding at Castle of Batres {Laura & Juanfran}

I confess it: I love castles. It doesn’t matter if it’s an evocative ruin or it is restored in all it’s splendor. So when Laura & Juanfran told me that they would celebrate their wedding at the Castle of Batres, I almost jumped all around clapping my hands. The wedding day was a reflection of […]


Prewedding in Madrid {Shabrina & Lucky}

This prewedding in Madrid has been one of the most unique and different from all I’ve done to date. Shabrina and Lucky contacted me a few weeks ago from Indonesia, his native country, to hire a couple session during their stay in Madrid. We had a conversation before the session and I was told they were […]