Contest “Couple of the Year 2015”

The year 2015 has been one of the busiest I’ve ever had as a wedding photographer so far, thanks to the 29 couples I have had the luck to work with.

It has been a season in wich I had the oportunity to travel, not only throughout Spain but also in Ireland, England and France. This is why I want to honor all the couples that have trusted in my vision to photograph their weddings.

For me all of them are “The Couple of the Year 2.015”, so the decision will be made by popular acclaim. The most voted couple will win the title and the prize: 1-2 nights in a charming hotel to choose from hundreds spread across Spain, France, Italy, Andorra and Portugal.

I think they all deserve a romantic break, don’t they?

These are the contest rules:

– The winning couple will be the one with more votes at 22:00 on Tuesday 19 January.

The votes shall be made by a comment in this post. For a vote to be valid, the comment must have the following format: name of the couple + why you like that photo.

For example: “Finn & Rey – I love how the bride’s cat is eating her bouquet.”

Comments that do not fit this format are invalid and will not be counted.

You can only vote once per couple, but you can vote for all the couples that you wish.

Important note for the eager: Every comment is reviewed and approved before being published, so it can take up to several hours to appear on the page. You don’t need to submit the same comment 15 times 😉


Lisbon. 23:47.

We have the winners of the contest after reviewing and counting almost 500 comments:

  1. Marta y José Carlos: 186 votos
  2. Raquel y Eduardo: 68 votos
  3. Mª José Y Carlos: 54 votos

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the people that have taken part in the contest!

Gema & Daniel

fotografo de bodas burgos

María & Jorge

fotografo de bodas segovia


Sonsoles & Marco

fotografo de bodas vitoria


Inma & Rubén

fotografo de bodas sevilla


Esther & David

fotografo de bodas madrid


Elia & Miguel

fotografo de bodas palencia


Mer & Jorge

fotografo de bodas alicante


Alba & Roberto

fotografo de bodas guadalajara


María & Romain

fotografo de bodas almeria


Mª José & Carlos

fotografo de bodas extremadura


Raquel & Eduardo

fotografo de bodas asturias


 Yolanda & Ricardo

fotografo de bodas toledo


Mamen & Fran

fotografo de bodas cantabria


Oana & Alexis

fotografo de bodas bilbao


Cristina & Jonathan

fotografo de bodas zaragoza


Marta & Juanma

fotografo de bodas alcala de henares


Elena & Miguel

fotografo de bodas santander


Marta & Carlos

fotografo de bodas talavera


Lorena & Alexis

fotografo de bodas galicia


Bárbara & Raúl

fotografo de bodas valencia


Fátima & Víctor

fotografo de bodas avila


Lorena & Aidan

fotografo de bodas leon


Joana & Eduardo

fotografo de bodas pamplona


Laura & Jorge

fotografo de bodas torrejon


Mercedes & José Manuel

fotografo de bodas cataluña


Sofía & Miguel

fotografo de bodas castellon


Mercedes & Miguel

fotografo de bodas barcelona


Patricia & Markus

fotografo de bodas oviedo


Belén & Enrique

fotografo de bodas segovia


Sonsoles & Marco – Love the way they look each other.

Sonsoles & Marco
So colourful and bright! It is a mind refreshing picture.

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