Prewedding in Caceres {Fátima + Víctor}

Sometimes the couples don’t know where to shoot their engagement session, or they don’t have any preferences about it. It wasn’t the case of Fátima & Víctor: from the begining they wanted their prewedding in Cáceres.

I remembered it’s wonderful historyc centre, where walking by it’s stoned streets was like making a trip to the past. And the gorgeous landscape at Los Barruecos, near Malpartida de Cáceres, was a delight for our senses.

We took the car, ready to spend a happy day and to reveal the top model skills of the couple. I think the camera loves them, and they love the camera in return… at least a little.

PD: thank you very much to the Atrio Restaurant for allowing us to use their fantastic facilities.

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