Prewedding on Vespa: Laura & Toni in Aranjuez.

fotos de preboda en aranjuez

The origin of this photo session was the result of a set of happy coincidences: for some time I wanted to make a prewedding with a Vespa, somehow inspired by the delightful “Roman Holiday” film.

It turned out that both Laura (for her work) and Toni (as a cool rider) are closely linked to the world of motor. So when Hugo contacted me to introduce its www.vespaparaeventos.com project, it was as if the universe had agreed so I could photograph the “story on wheels.”

Rome is a little far and carry there the sidecar would have been somewhat complicated, so we changed Rome for the streets and fields of Aranjuez (it’s not the Eternal City, but it’s also full of charming places).

Laura and Toni, like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, really enjoyed their ride on the Vespa and attracted quite a few curious glances.

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