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Madrid is one of my favorite cities to photograph engagement sessions: it has a perfect mix of a cosmopolitan city, gorgeous gardens and parks and historical buildings. It does not matter if you live here or have come to spend your vacations: Madrid is an ideal city for engagement, pre-wedding or post-wedding photo sessions.

I am a wedding photographer based in Madrid and I photographed dozens of couples in the city (both wedding and engagements) so I know the perfect places for your session. I can help you create the route that best suits your preferences as well as advise you on what to wear, where to have a cocktail with incredible views or where to taste the best typical dishes.

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On your engagement session I will seek to photograph the essence of each one of you, which makes you unique and different.

It will be more like a walk with friends more than making a succession of artificial poses: we will chat in a relaxed way and I will guide you so that you will not have the feeling of posing all the time.

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The best time to start your engagement shoot in Madrid is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The light is much more pleasant than at noon.

If you want your session to be photographed in touristy places, I recommend to plan it early in the morning and/or on a weekday.


Anything that makes you feel good!

Ideally choose a color palette that combines well between you two.

Keep in mind that we will be walking for a couple of hours, so your feet will be very happy with comfortable shoes.


... or "we're a bit shy in front of the camera." 99% of the couples you see here told me that.

It is completely normal to feel insecure when we do something we are not used to.

Your engagement session will be more like a walk with friends rather than a succession of poses: chat, laughter and a few photos.

If you feel uncomfortable with many people around, I suggest you choose less touristy locations or schedule your engagement shoot early in the morning and/or don a weekday to avoid the busiest times and places.

The good thing about photographing engagement sessions in Madrid is that the city is full of spots with the most varied environments: parks, historical buildings, typical streets, taverns, skyscrapers ...

We can take a tour of the most emblematic areas or choose a place that is special for you: tell me your preferences and I will help you choose the perfect location.



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Get in touch, tell me your ideas

and let's start creating your experience.