10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

ideas originales para organizar una boda sencilla

Are you planning to get married soon? Are you thinking about how give your celebration a special touch? We bring you 10 tips and tricks on planning a simple but elegant wedding that your guests will never forget.

The first thing to clarify is that a simple wedding does not imply giving up elegance and good service. From our point of view as professional wedding planners we see that it is not necessary to work with a high budget to have a wonderful wedding that meets the expectations of the bride and groom and guests.

1- Hire a Wedding Planner.

Our first advice is to hire a wedding planner to help you with the organization of your wedding. Hiring a wedding planner will help you delegate the most cumbersome tasks, such as locating the space or choosing the perfect catering. In addition, a wedding planner will get you some benefits with other vendors like special deals for being their client.

ideas originales para organizar una boda sencilla contrata wedding planner2- Choose your wedding date wisely.

If you are planning a simple wedding in order to save organization costs, we give you some tips to save money by choosing the most suitable date.

The peak wedding season par excellence are the months of May, June, July and September. This means that most of the venues will require a minimum number of guests and higher prices.

If you want to reduce your wedding budget as much as possible, try to choose your wedding date on mid/low season or even celebrate it on unusual dates such as Friday or Sunday. On these “special” dates, prices will be lower and probably you will be offered “all-inclusive” packages with special conditions.

Cómo organizar una boda sencilla: celebra tu boda en otoño o invierno

3- Narrow down the guest list.

We think that a simple wedding does not fit with a massive wedding. From our point of view, a simple wedding is synonymous with a small and intimate wedding.

We advise you to carefully review the guest list and invite only the closest family and most important friends. That is, you should think about the guests that you do not want to be absent under any circumstances at your wedding. There you will have the solution.

ideas originales para organizar una boda sencilla reduce lista de invitados4- Choose the place of celebration.

If you are looking for is an intimate and cozy space, our advice is to celebrate your wedding in a central hotel with a terrace or garden. A farm in the suburbs, if it is small and cozy, can also be a good setting for a beautiful and simple wedding.

Cómo organizar una boda sencilla: elige bien el lugar de celebración

5- Choose a basic color palette such as white, green and details in silver.

A basic option that we will find in almost any space where you want to celebrate your wedding will be a white tablecloth. Choosing a silver cutlery, plain white crockery and transparent glassware will be one of the best options available on any venue. In addition, a basic floral arrangement on green and white tones will be a great combination for a wedding without ostentation.

Likewise, it could be complemented with small candle holders in transparent and silver tones to give it a more elegant and welcoming touch.

Cómo organizar una boda sencilla: paleta de color blanca.

6- Hire live music.

For us it is essential to have a band during the wedding, especially during the cocktail party, since it is the part where you most enjoy the company of your guests.

If you can afford it, invest in live music. It will give it a very special touch, and it will continue to keep it simple and elegant. Hiring a string duo or trio would be our recommendation.

Cómo organizar una boda sencilla: contrata música en directo

7- Choose an elegant and modern invitation.

The invitation will make the first impression of your wedding. If you choose to celebrate a simple wedding, the invitation should be the same. A classic card is a very good option, and if you choose a handwritten or calligraphic typeface (so fashionable today) it will be a simple and trendy invitation.

8- Correctly select the soundtrack of your wedding.

Even if you have decided to celebrate a simple wedding, the soundtrack of your wedding should be personal and have meaning for you. We recommend selecting songs for the most special moments that symbolize and bring to your memory some important moment in your lives. In short, that they have a special meaning for you and your guests.

ideas originales para organizar una boda sencilla musica especial

9- Choose a solidarity gift for the guests.

Many of you often wonder what is the ideal gift to give to your guests, and we cannot think of a better detail for a simple wedding than a solidarity gift.

Leave behind the useful gifts and really think about giving an important use to your contribution. Our experience has led us to confirm that they are the most successful gifts. Guests love it!

10- The choice of the photographer for your most important day.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best investments you can make. Because it is useless to invest money in organizing a most emotional and wonderful wedding if later you cannot remember those moments with a good wedding photography. You can save on other aspects, but give photography the importance it deserves. It will depend on this that you then have a beautiful wedding album to admire throughout your life.

We hope we have helped you with these tips and ideas on planning a simple as well as elegant wedding.

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