This is why, for me, photography is much more than capturing images.

It means immortalizing a sigh, a gesture of tenderness, a phrase spoken with the eyes.

Build an unrepeatable story based on moments.

Show how people looks like. And also how the feel inside.

Make the most important moments last forever.

During the months before the wedding I will send you some posts and ideas that will surely be useful to plan your celebration. I will put at your disposal my experience in several hundred weddings to help you enjoy (even more) yours.

We will have a talk prior to your wedding to review every detail of the day and find out the aspects that matter most to you. We will review the schedules together to make sure there is enough time for everything and so you can be calm on this topic throughout the day.

The pre-wedding sessions are a great idea to get to know each other a little better and also add an experience as a couple to your daily life: take a break in your day to day (work + obligations + wedding preparations) and spend a few hours enjoying together.

And also, you will have some photos as a couple that are not selfies.

Click here to see some examples of engagement sessions.

I will start photographing your getting ready moments between 2 and 3 hours before the ceremony, depending on the logistics of your wedding, and I will stay with you throughout the day until one hour of the party.

My style is mainly documentary, so I will not only focus on the "great moments" such as the rings, the exit from the ceremony or the first dance; I will also photograph all those little moments that happen in between.

Since a wedding is not just a matter of two, your guests will also be widely photographed. I will not only show the appearance (decoration, dresses, accessories) that you will have prepared but also the essence and unique atmosphere of your wedding.

If you want to have group photos, I will help you plan them so that they flow smoothly: you will have more time for enjoying with your guests instead of saying "cheese".

The couple photo session will be dynamic and fun: I will guide you so that you do not have the feeling of posing. It will be also a moment of intimacy between you (actually, one of the few that you will have during the day). And if you do not want to be away from your guests for even 5 minutes, we can plan a post-wedding session in which we can have those couple portraits without any rush.

Click here to see some examples of post-wedding sessions.

pareja de novios en jardin de rosaspareja de novios en jardin de rosas

A few days after your wedding I'll send you a sneak peek of your photographs.

I handle with care each photograph that I deliver, so the process of selecting and editing the images takes 5 to 7 weeks: choosing the best shots, correcting skin tones, bringing colors to life, etc.

You will receive a pendrive with the photos in high resolution as well as a private online gallery that you can share with family and friends, select your favorites for the album and even hide those photos that you do not want anyone else to see.

Photographs on paper look way better than on screen, they come to life when printed. I work with one of the best photo labs in the world, which allows me to create top-quality albums that - literally - last a lifetime.

fotos de fiesta en boda


Your environment is part of your history. Through it, I try to make each photograph count for much more than an instant.

Traveling to photograph a wedding is inspiring, a challenge and a way to obtain unique stories.

That is why I have photographed in places throughout Spain and abroad.

The next challenge? I would love to photograph a wedding in Bali.

Any volunteer?

Listening, understanding and getting to know each other is important for me to create for you photographs 100% personal.

And to be sure that we are a good match.

Is it difficult for you to meet in person? It is not a problem: we can do it through a video call.

The experience that we are going to share lasts all day.

I'll create a visual legacy for you, capturing what you will feel during that special date, from the beginning to the end.

It's about capturing emotions. To make the invisible visible.

To achieve this, I will be with you all day, looking for snapshots that are a reflection of your personality.

Finally, and depending on the type of celebration, I will give you from 500 to 900 photographs, edited and in high resolution, which together will form a great love story. Your story.

Engagement sessions are a great opportunity to show real relationships. Situations in which, without artifice, you are just yourselves.

That is why I love having the possibility of photographing a couple in a relaxed, natural environment, without the nerves of the day of the celebration and with the opportunity of knowing a little better how you are and how you feel.

I understand your curiosity, that's why I will send you a sneak peek a few days after the wedding.

But to achieve the perfect result, I must dedicate enough time and care to your photographs. During the 6-8 weeks after the celebration I will be immersed in the selection, editing and creation process. After that you will have your high resolution photos and an online gallery to share with family and friends those moments that will have already become memories forever.

If you also want a printed album, I will deliver it to you two to three weeks after you have approved the final design.

The choice of photos is a special moment, which we can set as you wish.

You can trust my professional criteria or you can choose them yourself and also enjoy this process.

In any case, before printing the album you will receive a proof design so that you can review it and change whatever you need.

Every story acquires a more real dimension when another point of view is added to it. That is what really gives value to having an additional photographer.

Two different expressions, two different landscapes, two different perspectives… and a single moment.

But the final decision is yours, and whatever you do, you will be right. With the guarantee that you will have all my commitment, dedication and experience to achieve, together, a gorgeous result.

Any type of photo that is important to you will be important to me as well.

And if that includes group photos, I'll guide you on how to get a natural result, while streamlining the preparation of the poses, making the process even funny.


We want to count on you!

How do we book you?

Great! Let's meet.

You can send me an e-mail to sergio@sergiocueto.com or fill in the contact form to check availability.

Once we have spoken and defined your needs and preferences, I will send you a contract with the details.

And since I value your time as much as mine, we can carry out the entire process online, in just ten minutes.