FAQ: Newborn & Babies

Where do we do the photoshoot?

When photographing newborns the best option is to make the pictures in your own house because it is more comfortable for you and your baby. The baby is calm because he/she is in a known place and you would have everything you need. If the photoshoot is a family one or a pregnancy one we could go to your favorite place, your house, or anywhere you feel more comfortable.

What time of the day is better? How long does a photoshoot last?

Photography is light. If the pictures are taken outdoors the best moment would be at the afternoon, when the light is softer and warmer. However, if the pictures are being taken indoors, at midday would be the best time because it is lighter. Speaking about the time needed to do the photoshoot, each child is different and we should work depending when he/she eats and sleeps. Sometimes it last 30 minutes and in other occasions it takes hours.

fotografia de bebes

Clothing for the photoshoot.

The best thing is that the baby feels comfortable and it is advisable to avoid clothes with a lot of prints, embroidery or designs that can distract the attention from him/her. The colors that work the best are the nude and soft ones, and the clothes with simple designs (nothing like dresses with frills, please… hahaha).
Remember, the most important thing is that the pictures look the way you want. We will talk before the photoshoot so you can tell me all your doubts, suggestions and concerns, and we will specify how the photoshoot will be.

How can I choose the photos of the photoshoot?

You will be able to see the pictures on an password protected online gallery. You would choose your favorite pictures and send me your choices through email.