Marriage Proposal in Seville {Edmund & Winifred}

Sometimes you get to connect deeply with someone in just a few hours, despite the distance, despite the language, despite cultural differences.

I can say that this pre-wedding in Seville has been one of the most carefully prepared that I have ever photographed. It started as a simple portrait session but it evolved into a surprising marriage proposal: e-mails flew from Madrid to Hong Kong preparing the day’s logistics, looking for the best way to transport the cloud of helium balloons where the ring would be hidden; choosing how to make the dresses perfectly arranged for the photo session and a dozen more details.

Meanwhile, I was getting to know Ed little by little: I loved his attention to detail to make this experience unforgettable.

The session in Seville could not be better: the scenes were happening while we talked as both about the history and the food of Spain and the traditions and the political situation of Hong Kong. While walking around Plaza de España I found the ideal place for the proposal (it is difficult to find an intimate spot in such a tourist place), Ed and I crossed a glance and nodded slightly: the moment had arrived.

Ed knelt, his trembling hand took the ring and slid it on Winifred’s finger. For a moment the time seemed to stop: it was just the two of them.

We ended the day sharing a table in a small tavern and our farewell wasn’t a “goodbye” but a “see you soon”: we will meet again in Hong Kong to share (and photograph) the happiness of their wedding.

To be continued…

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