Romantic Engagement Session in Paris {Lorena & Alexis}

“L’amour est vie”… We were told the walls of Paris.

Not without a reason it has always been called The City of Love. For that reason, because love is life and because there is where Lorena and Alexis live, we decided that Paris was the perfect destination to photograph their engagement session.

It was a great ideas because Alexis is a proud Parisian and Lorena is an art historian. That weekend tour of the city not only allowed us to have some photos of her favorite places, but also we could talk about them, discovering the unknown part of the city to those who live outside Paris.

We lose ourselves inside the Shakespeare & Co bookstore, where it’s not permitted to take pictures (but I finally got a special permission). The Stravinsky Fountain, next to the Pompidou for which Lorena as a great lover of art chose a dress representing a painting of Piet Mondrian; the Sainte-Chapelle with its beautiful polychrome stained glass windows where I was so moved by looking up and seeing them for the first time. And, of course, those other emblematic places that we all know when we talk about Paris.

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