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Passion in the kitchen {Gema & Daniel}

04/07/2015 / Engagements

Thank You
for the market and its floor of freshwater
cooking to the sun,
the table and the knife,
the skillet dented, the washed rice (at least seven times);
the wine in their glasses,
so transparent.
Thanks for the fan and its flickering rattle
in the gloom.
For the silver cutlery and the cloth napkins,
the light from the balcony while you read aloud for me
(for the pictures: for looking at me).

for your company.

Berna Wang.


It has happened to me before.

The first time I meet with a couple we just end planning their prewedding… and in this case it was easy: when Daniel told me he’s the owner of a restaurant, I immediately visualized them fooling around in the kitchen  🙂

We started the prewedding session in the Parque del Retiro, where Gema y Daniel let themselves be carried away by the sunset… and it was a pleasure to see how passionate they are in every gesture and every gaze.

The second part of the shooting was at Daniel’s restaurant, where there was not only passion but also they were eager to have a lot of fun.

I really don’t know who enjoyed it more: me or them.

fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0002fotos preboda en retiro madridfotos preboda en retiro madridfotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0001fotos preboda en retiro madridfotos preboda en retiro madridfotos preboda en retiro madridfotos preboda en retiro madridfotos preboda en retiro madridfotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0022fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0011fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0010fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0012fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0013fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0014fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0015fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0016fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0017fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0018fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0019fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0021fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0023fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0024fotos divertidas preboda cocina parque retiro-0020

Prewedding in Madrid {Marta + José Carlos}

26/05/2015 / Engagements

The 95% of the couples that hire me as their wedding photographer say things like “I think I don’t look good on photos”, “I don’t really like being in front of the camera”… so prewedding sessions are good to make them feel that they should not be afraid and that they look awesome on pictures.

Talking about the locations, I like to work where the couple feel comfortable because that place is part of their story, their hobbies or any other reason.

Marta and José Carlos wanted to do their engagement session in “El Templo de Debod” because it has seen the beginning of their relationship. A walk, laughs and (most of all) kisses and hugs. It is amazing to work with couples that not only love each other but want to share that with the camera.

I hope I got what they were looking for and that every insecurity has faded away, because that wedding is really soon.

preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0013preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0015preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0014preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0010preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0011prewedding in Madridpreboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0008 Preboda en el Templo de Debod-0009 preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0006preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0004 preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0012 prewedding in madrid preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0019 preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0018preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0021preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0020preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0022preboda-madrid-fotografo-bodas-templo-debod-0024 prewedding session in madrid


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