The Best WordPress Themes for Photographers【2020】

How to choose the best WordPress theme for photographers.

plantillas wordpress para fotografos

If you’re devoted to photography or another artistic discipline, your web page design is even more important than it would be in other sectors. Fortunately, there are great WordPress templates for photographers, easily customizable premium products that allow you to create from zero your own website with no coding knowledge required. Today I’m going to tell you about one of the top templates I’ve been using for my web page during the last years: Flothemes..


Turn your website into your best business card thanks to premium WordPress themes for photographers.


One of the pros of being a profesional photographer is that we can easily show our work to our potential clients so that they can see what we can do. Nowadays most of us search on the Internet when we need a professional.


This means that the first contact with a potential client will be through our website, so you should have one that keeps up with your photographs quality. Every single detail in a photography web page must be taken into account.


If you can’t afford investing in a professional designer, you can create your own web page yourself with the assistance of WordPress templates for photographers. In the case of Flothemes, we have a premium theme that offers a huge amount of customization options, which enables you to have a unique website, different than any other competitor’s.


Why choose Flothemes?


After analyzing many different WordPress themes for my own website and testing many different alternatives since 2011, I can say Flothemes is the one I like the most, not only due to the final result, but because it’s easy to use and quite intuitive.


If you check out some of the best photographers’ web pages, you’ll probably find out many of them used a Flothemes template and then they were customized. This shouldn’t surprise you; it has an affordable price, it works quite well and the final result is perfect.


Now I’m going to explain to you their pros in detail from my personal experience with them:


1- Easy to use.

If you’re going to use WordPress for photographers, thanks to Flothemes you’ll have your website  ready sooner than you thought and without too many complications. Once you get your template, you just have to follow some steps.


Start by creating the main shell for your site and then keep working on the different pages you want to design. You have plenty of available options and I recommend you to try out those ones you consider necessary so that you end up finding out which one you like the most and best suits the style you’d like for your website. You can create photo galleries, add a blog, upload videos… whatever you come up with.


The offered predesigned modules can actually be a great way to start. If you’d like to keep it simple, you could even just leave the module as it is and add your own text and images.


2- Website customization.

Don’t you think your website will be a clone of those you could come across with on the Internet if you use a popular template. Flothemes allows you to customize templates with additional services.


Thanks to the simple configuration package, you won’t have to worry about technical steps. You can just skip them and focus on the aesthetics of your web page. Nevertheless, if you know about web design, you can always use the advanced and professional configuration packages, which enables you to modify both the aesthetics and technical issues with greater or lesser depth, resulting in a unique website.



3- It has its own plugins.

If you wish to make your web page much more personal, while having access to all the functionality you may need, Flothemes provides you with a wide variety of plugins of its own that will never give you any compatibility issue.


In this case I thoroughly recommend you to try Flo Launch out. It allows you to keep your website online while you’re working in a newer version. In this way, you’re web page will always be available to everyone who could be interested. In my case, it took me several months to make the last redesign. During that time I calmly worked on it and I could see the results in my own browser while the “older” version of the website was still accessible for any visitor, without me having to worry about creating subdomains, dealing with the FTP, etc.


It is also worth highlighting Flo Social for a much more easier way to manage your website content and the possibility of easily sharing it on Instagram in order to reach as many people as possible. It syncs to your Instagram account so that you could insert it wherever you want in your web page.


And I shouldn’t forget about Flo Support, which gives you access to tutorials and support from the creators of this template so that you can get the most out of it.


4- SEO friendly.

As you surely already know, owning a good website is not enough. If you want your potential clients to find you, your website must be well positioned and that requires working the SEO out. One of the advantages I see in using Flothemes is their templates really take this into account, you’ll even receive a guide about positioning basics, like the best way to label your photographs.


plantillas wordpress para fotografos


Flothemes templates cons.

1- Language.

Both documentation and support are in English and this could be an issue for those who aren’t familiar with Shakespeare’s language. Fortunately, the many available videotutorials are quite visual and easy to follow even without English knowledge.


2- Price.

The price range for Flothemes templates is slightly higher than any other one you could find in platforms like Themeforest; in return you have many poweful and flexible templates as well as excellent functionalities and support.


3- WordPress knowledge required.

If you prefer to keep your website maintenance or design simple and you’d rather had it done, neither Flothemes nor any other WordPress template is for you. Installing and maintaining your own WordPress isn’t a hard task but you’d have to take your time to learn the basics so you could create the web page you have in mind.


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Dynamic content, retinal images, column design, responsive design… if we’re talking about WordPress themes for photographers, there’s no doubt Flothemes is one of the best options, since it offers so many customization options to create a unique web page.


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Will you try it out?

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