Catholic Weddings

boda santuario Virgen de Chilla Candeleda

Destination Wedding in Avila – Spain {Bea & Dietrich}

To say that Bea and Dietrich’s wedding was special is to fall short. From the first email, the first Skype chat and the first beer in Candeleda, I knew that we were in perfect harmony and that everything was going to flow in a completely natural way during their wedding day. My goal in photographing […]

sotogrande wedding

Destination Wedding in Malaga {Carol & Maximilian}

The story of Carol and Maximilian goes back to the school years, where they met by chance on something as insignificant as the initial of their surnames. Both had their seats close by in the classes, since they were arranged alphabetically. The years of college and university did the rest to unite them as a […]


Destination Wedding in Hong Kong and Macao {Winifred & Edmund}

It all started with “My partner and I are from Hong Kong and we will visit Spain in October, we would like to have a pre-wedding session in Seville“. That email was followed by about 50 more in which Edmund and me prepared every detail of that session in which the central moment was the […]

las mejores fotos de boda 2017

Funny Wedding in Ponferrada {César & Laura}

Whenever someone asks us about our wedding, we always respond with a cheerful smile that it was a series of catastrophic misfortunes, and we like to make them laugh explaining some more details, as for example, the “big tragedy” that unfolded when we forgot in the bride’s house the silver unity coins and we found […]

boda en monasterio san juan de los reyes toledo

Beautiful Destination Wedding in Toledo {Michelle & Ignacio}

If you’re goin’ to San Francisco Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair If you’re goin’ to San Francisco You’re gonna meet some gentle people there For those who come to San Francisco Summertime will be a love-in there And the spirit of San Francisco invaded the streets of Toledo … You rarely […]

boda en san pedro valladolid

Catholic Wedding in Valladolid {Carmen & Jorge}

I remember the first talk I had with Carmen: we had some drinks at Vip’s and she told me that she had photographed her sister’s wedding. After a while I realized that I was not just an amateur, but someone with a good photographic eye and a detail oriented person. Shortly after we were already planning […]


Wedding in Finca Prados Moros {Maria & Angel}

The wedding of Maria and Angel was one of those in which it is impossible not to have fun. At the door of their house we found a whole declaration of intentions: “forbidden to enter in a bad mood”, so we decided to enjoy every moment of the day. The ceremony took place in a beautiful […]


Wedding in Asturias {Raquel & Eduardo}

A guy from Madrid. A girl from Asturias. A lot of funny guests, many liters of cider, regional folk songs and the impressive Asturian lansdcape. This was the big day of Raquel & Edu: their wedding at the Parador de Cangas de Onís made me enjoy all day long. I feel somehow jealous of my colleagues wedding photographers […]


Wedding in Almeria {María & Romain}

“May 2nd: bad day for a Spanish girl and a Frenchman get married” someone joked during the reception. One only has to glance at María & Romain to see the true love between them. Not only that, but also their family and friends love them so much that they were willing to fly from all over the world […]


Wedding in Gijon {Laura & Toni}

The wedding of Laura and Toni at the Palacio de la Concepción has been one of those that put a smile on my face every time I remember it. Perhaps it’s because the wedding was celebrated in Asturias, my favorite region in Spain; perhaps because the Palacio de la Concepción is a perfect venue for […]


{Wedding in Guadalajara} Ainhoa + Pedro

The wedding of Ainhoa and Pedro was my first wedding in Molina de Aragon and can not be happier for having participated in that day and get to know a little paradise hidden in the province of Guadalajara. This was a warm and quiet day (quiet for a wedding, of course). From the getting ready to […]


{Wedding in Palencia} Yolanda + Bene

Ser fotógrafo de bodas me da la posibilidad no sólo de conocer a todo tipo de personas en momentos muy felices de sus vidas, sino que tengo el privilegio de poder viajar y descubrir lugares y costumbres maravillosas. Recuerdo que Yolanda me llamó en las navidades de 2.012 y la conversación fue algo así como […]


{Wedding in Alcala de Henares} Paloma+Pablo

The wedding of Paloma & Pablo was the last I photographed in 2,013 and I think it was the best possible closure for an intense season. To end up in Alcalá, my hometown, after a traveler year is always appreciated. But best of all was meeting a couple who prepared a great feast for all who accompany […]